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Orbital Wrappers Open Ring


Horizontal Wrapping Automatic Machine for Stretch Film Open Ring

Automatic Machines Open Ring

Our technology for toroidal products.

GG Macchine has developed an OPEN RING solution, designed to wrap toroidal shaped products.
This technology allows us to develop semi-automatic and automatic machines suitable to be integrated into pre-existing or envisaged packaging lines and end-line custom complete systems.
The diameters of the rings were designed to optimally wrap small and large toroid components such as bearings, sheath spiral rolls, PVC pipes, cables and coils.

Technical Properties

Motorized belt conveyor;
Flow regulation photocell;
Spiked Motor product drag system;
OPEN RING A Wrapping machine for Toroidal Coils;
Belt driven ring rotation working on wheels;
Spool holder roller mechanical adjustable clutch;
Automatic Unit of hooking, holding and cutting;
Worktop with idle rolls;
Vertical roller system for the rotation of coils with N°2 motorized rollers + N°2 idle rollers.;
Motorized belt conveyor;
Ring rotation speed programmable in digital mode trough touch panel;
Rollers rotation speed (product rotation speed) programmable in digital mode trough touch panel;
4.3’’ TFT Touch Panel with 65,000 colours to program the cycle of the machine;
PLC to control the wrapping cycle;
Software allows you to create and save different RECIPES max N°15.