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Horizontal Machine Model Aro


Horizontal Wrapping Semi-Automatic Machine for Stretch Film ARO SA

Semi-Automatic Machine ARO SA

The machines of the series ARO SA are built using our well known and tested ROBUSTNESS STRUCTURE MONO-BLOCK made entirely of heavy steel.

The modular system with which they are designed and assembled allows to accomplish the specific requirements of the customer.

Using machinery
Our machines are designed to work indoors away from the elements (rain, snow, sun, wind, etc.) and to work at ambient temperatures between 0 and 40 degrees. For other needs contact us for customized quotes.
GG MACCHINE disclaims all liability in the event of a malfunction due to failure to comply with one of the two above-mentioned working conditions.

Technical Properties

Belt driven rotation unit;
Spool holder and gear roller mechanical adjustable clutch;
Unit of hooking, holding and cutting;
Variable rotation speed (ring) with potentiometer inverter;
Variable product rotation speed with potentiometer inverter;
PLC to control the wrapping cycle;
Idle rollers in and out;
Motorized tapered rollers for product rotation with pneumatic lifting;
Operating air pressure: 6 bar;
Compressed air consumption 10 NL/min.;
Voltage supply 220V 50hz Single phase;
Variable rotation speed (ring) via potentiometer;
Variable product rotation speed via potentiometer.

Horizontal Wrapping Automatic Machine for Stretch Film ARO A

Automatic Machine ARO A

Top of the GG Macchine range for the automatic serie.

The machines of the ARO-A series are built using the ROBUSTNESS MONO-BLOCK STRUCTURE, completely made of heavy steel and suitable for stretch film reels with height up to 500mm.
The modular system with which they are designed and assembled allows to meet the customer’s customized requests.
The use of materials and components that minimise wear and spare parts reduces maintenance costs. In the ARO A series, the cycle is fully automated. They can be used with or without the help of the operator, they can also be inserted in fully automatic lines.

The total closure of the machine ensures the highest level of safety.

Technical Properties

Rail pass diameter (ring);
Belt drive ring rotation;
Reel holder and film roller with mechanically adjustable clutch;
Holding group and automatic film cutting;
Photocell reading product diameter;
Rotation speed Variable film ring via touch panel;
Roller speed for variable product rotation via touch panel;
Variable conveyor speed from Inverter;
PLC to control the wrapping cycle;
Motorized belt conveyors in and out;
N° 2 Programs of different banding.