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How it is born
G.G. Macchine S.r.l.

Raffaello Venturini, nicknamed Fellone, was a historical character in the ancient Borgo San Lorenzo, and the maternal grandfather of Gherardo Gherardi, the founder of GG Macchine.

Raffaello started to work at a very young age but instead of working as a sharecropper like many of his peers, which was typical in the early 1900, he decided to go to learn a CRAFT, namely, to become a blacksmith.
After a few years, he opened his own workshop, serving local agricultural farms.
In the 1930s, he was the only blacksmith in the Mugello region to own an electrode welding machine.
During the Second World War and the occupation, Raffaello buried this welding machine to hide it and prevent it from being seized.
The welding machine is still located at the premises of the family business.


Immediately after the Second World War, he specialised in converting lorries that had been abandoned by the American allies in order to use them as means of transport. In the 1950s, he was the first blacksmith in the Mugello area to introduce M.I.G. welding (wire welding, the most widespread nowadays for iron welding), whereas all the local businesses continued to use electrode welding for many years.

After working as an employee at several mechanical companies in the area in the early 1970s, Gherardo began to work in the family business. After a few years, in 1974, he finally decided to part ways with his family and founded the company Gherardo Gherardi (a single member artisan company). The company, which is still active today, was run at first by his uncle Giuseppe and, later, by his children.

In the first years of activity, Gherardo specialised in the construction of pre-fabricated steel warehouses, which were quite common in this geographical region since it is a seismic risk area.

However, in the late 1970s, the company began to build industrial machinery for third parties, working with a company based in Florence, a world-leading manufacturer of plants for producing tiles.

In 1985, Gherardo built his own warehouse (where, today, GG Macchine srl continues to do business) and, thanks to his previous experience, he was able to build the entire structural part in steel with his own hands.

The company specialised in the construction of medium and large-sized carpentry structures made of iron and stainless steel, for leading companies in various sectors: pharmaceuticals, textiles, cardboard, paper, packaging, etc.

In 1992, Tiziano Gherardi joined the company, after having obtained a secondary school diploma in Mechanical Engineering from the institute Chino Chini in Borgo San Lorenzo.

The company continued its activities in the field of construction, specifically carpentry, and then developed by including in its fleet CNC machines in order to manufacture machinery along with mechanical parts, as well as complete machines for a few companies.

In 1998, GG Macchine (then called Gherardo Gherardi) manufactured the first Horizontal Wrapping Machine for a local company that produces bags of potting soil. In fact, the soil bagging sector is particularly wearing for machinery, since it immediately puts to the test the mechanical strength of the product.

The company’s name was SOPRAM, which closed a few years ago, whereas the machine was purchased by a competitor and is still functioning today.

For a few years, the company continued to work for third parties and started to develop its market in the Horizontal Wrapping Machine industry, taking part in major trade fairs in the packaging sector, such as Interpack, Ipack ima, etc.

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In 2005, he decided to stop outsourcing work and focused entirely on the construction and sale of Horizontal Wrapping Machines for stretch film, becoming one of the leading and most specialised companies in the industry.

The company changed its name several times, GG Macchine di Gherardo Gherardi, GG Macchine di Tiziano Gherardi, and GG Macchine s.r.l. in 2011.

Since 1998, the company has produced more than 1,000 horizontal wrapping machines, which have stood out in the market for their sturdiness, quality and easy operation.

Thanks to our studies and the design and internal construction of our machines, these can be applied to a many different product sectors.