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Horizontal Machines model Speed Wrap

Horizontal Wrapping Machine for Stretch Film Speed Wrap

Horizontal Machine Speed Wrap

The machines of the series SPEED WRAP are built using our well known and tested ROBUSTNESS STRUCTURE MONO-BLOCK.

ROBUSTNSESS because completely made of heavy steel. The modular system with which they are designed and assembled allows to meet the customer’s customized requests, looking for the most suitable solution for every type of need.
MONO-BLOCK as it consists of a single structure that simplifies the handling during transport and positioning of the machine for installation.
The structure has been designed and clay to have maximum stability and to contain and discharge the forces that develop during the rotation of the ring.

Technical Properties

Belt driven rotation unit;
Fully automatic spiral wrapping cycle;
Spool holder and gear roller mechanical adjustable clutch;
Unit of hooking, holding and cutting;
Photocell to detect the product for the start and stop of the wrapping cycle;
Ring rotation speed variable in digital mode by touch panel;
Conveyors speed variable in digital mode by touch panel;
PLC to control the wrapping cycle;
Infeed and outfeed powered band or motorized roller conveyors length 1.000mm, width 280mm;
Group of pneumatic centralizing unit in infeed and outfeed conveyors;
Height of conveyors to be define;
Vertical pneumatic pressure unit with free rollers infeed and outfeed;
N° 6 Programs of different banding;
Air pressure in exercise: 6 bar;
Compressed air consumption: 10 NL/min;
Power supply voltage 220V 50-60Hz Mono-phase.