Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Automatic Machines AT-A

Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Automatic Machines AT-A

Automatic Machines

Banding and spiral machines for a large variety of products with different sizes and shape.
All types of products can be wrapped from golden mouldings, furniture of all kinds, wooden products, profiles from all types of materials to large steel bundles: wooden or metal panels, sandwich for buildings, insulation panels, etc... Regarding the models semi-automatic ( AT-S e BOX ) in series AT-A the cycle is complete automated.
The machine of series AT-A are flexible and simple in their use.
Their employment can happen with or without the aid of operator. In fact they are planned also being inserted online completely automatic.
Structurally regarding the semi.automatic series, are equipped of belt conveyors or rollers motorized, photocell of survey of the product, vertical pressure pneumatic in order to stabilize the product during the winding and 8 banding programs.

Technical Properties

  • Rotation steel unit, high load capacity, driven by wheels which are dragged a belt.
  • Spool holder and gear roller mechanical adjustable clutch.
  • Unit of hooking, holding and cutting.
  • Variable number of bandings on head and tail of the product, by programmable terminal
  • Ring rotation speed variable
  • Conveyors speed variable
  • Photocell to detect the product for the start and stop of the wrapping cycle
  • Power supply voltage 220V 50-60 Hz single-phase
  • Air pressure in exercise: 6/7 bar
  • Programmable terminal for the setting of the various parameters and to select one of the 8 the different banding types
  • Fully automatic spiral wrapping cycle
  • Manually adjustable heigth conveyors
  • Vertical pneumatic pressure unit with free rollers infeed and outfeed.

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