Custom Applications

Here are a few examples of our Custom Applications Wrapping Machines Stretch Film, made "ad hoc" for specific needs of our customers.

Famous French Group - Industry type: Furnishings

Our company has become a wrapping machine supplier for many companies that are part of the French group.

The Saint Gobain Group pays great attention to safety, therefore having chosen us as their suppliers is the result of maximum attention and compliance with the safety standards that our company implements on a daily basis.

  • GG Macchine - Custom Application for French Group
  • For them, we have developed a project that makes us extremely proud.

  • GG Macchine - Custom Application for French Group
  • Through our commitment and passion and, above all, our skills, we have managed to please the customer by providing the packaging solutions required.

  • We were able to develop a system for the welding of 4 layers of air bubble film, air bubbles Ø20mm, thickness 150 microns each, for a total of 600 microns.

  • This allowed the customer to replace the old packing system, composed in part of corrugated cardboard and in part of bubble film with substantial economic savings.

The cardboard and film folding operation was performed by an operator, who then pushed the product into a wrapping machine. We also managed to bend the double layers of bubble film all around the product in a fully automatic way, with a consumption of electricity lower than 5kW.

Famous Turkish Company - Industry type: Electric Appliances

A world-leading manufacturer of low voltage busbars, from 25A to 6300A.

This project was perhaps our greatest challenge and undertaking so far.
The concept of packaging is the cornerstone of all our work, and the manufacturing of the machine for this company required all our flexibility and the application of engineering and mechanical skills, which was possible only thanks to our 30 years of experience.

  • GG Macchine - Custom Application for Turkish Company
  • We designed a machine that allows a product to be wrapped not with conventional stretch film but with a special type of Masking Tape.

  • GG Macchine - Custom Application for Turkish Company

We developed the main base groups of our machines, from the cutting unit to the swivel unit, to enable the use of masking tape, also focusing in particular on high production capacity, which the customer necessarily requires in order not to slow down production. (high production capacity machine).
A successful challenge that has further enriched our wealth of knowledge and experience.

Famous Italian Company - Industry type: Painting Aluminium Bars

A leading company in wood, marble and fancy decorations on metals and materials suitable to resist to temperatures of 200°C.

In 2012, the company contacted us to ask us if we were capable of designing and manufacturing a wrapping machine that can pack aluminium bars at a speed of 40/45 metres per minute.

Thanks to our passion, study and expertise, we were able to deliver a “double” system to this customer, which respected the company’s production needs in terms of production capacity and finished packaging quality.
This system helped us lead the way in the construction of end-of-line systems inserted in automatic extrusion lines, which, today, have become a particularly important sector for our company.

Famous Group Italian - Industry type: Manufactured in Rubber

A leading manufacturer of rubber hoses for very high pressures.
We have manufactured wrapping machines suitable for wrapping hose bundles.
A fully custom-made machine, in which, once again, our flexibility and study of customised solutions have allowed the end customer to be totally satisfied with our machines. In fact, the customer then commissioned us to manufacture more machines to be placed in different sites of the group.

  • GG Macchine - Custom Application for Italian Company
  • Back in 2005, their need to open the spirals of stretch film without using sharp objects to avoid damaging the surface of the product inspired us to create our exclusive "THREAD PACKAGE OPENER" opening system.

  • GG Macchine - Custom Application for Italian Company

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